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Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Doctor, Hurt Law Erie Pa

Has a medical professional misdiagnosed or made clear mistakes in your medical treatment that resulted in serious injuries?  If so, then there is no question that you have been left feeling confused and worried about your rights.  Was it just an unfortunate, unavoidable error?  Or could your injury have been prevented?  Here At Erie, PA's personal injury law group, the Solymosi Law Group, it is our job to determine whether a doctor, hospital, or nursing home error was an honest mistake or if it was caused by negligent performance.  Medical malpractice cases commonly include surgical procedure errors, misdiagnoses that prevented immediate medical treatment, medication errors, and wrong site surgeries.  Call Erie medical malpractice attorney Tibor R. Solymosi in Erie, PA at 814-888-HURT to receive a free case review.

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